Primal Carnage | 1.0.0 Launch
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1.0.0 Launch

European launch of Primal Carnage: Extinction

Las Vegas, NV – April 3rd, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


  • Disabled F-Mod precaching to reduce memory usage
  • Fixed drop notifications not appearing during rounds
  • Added network interpolation for character position
  • Added latency compensation for attacks to improve reliability
  • Added contextual gameplay hints
  • Added delay before switching to spectator camera after death
  • Spectator camera now allows free rotation
  • Added new default Novaraptor and Dilophosaurus
  • Added credits to the main menu
  • Fixed pain/reaction sounds playing on dead players
  • Fixed heavy tracks playing repeatedly under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bad spawnpoint in Contingency
  • Fixed a corpse that could be eaten through a wall in Airbase
  • Fixed several small map issues


  • Added a velocity threshold for human landing sounds
  • Increased human lerp speed when eaten by Tyrants to minimize detrimental visual effects
  • Removed weapons during grab, pounce, and Tyrant eating sequences
  • Fixed humans being able to continue shooting during a pounce
  • Fixed an issue where humans could scope while grabbed, pounced, or otherwise restrained
  • Fixed an issue where on grab or pounce humans would become stuck in scope
  • Decreased human pounce recover time
  • Fixed pathfinder hair de-syncing under certain circumstances
  • Added 3rd person throwing animations
  • Added 3rd person sawing animations
  • Disabled Aim-Down-Sights for the Deagle
  • Sniper Rifle now does 2x damage on small dino headshots
  • Added 4 second arm time to Trapper landmines
  • Added blinking red light to Trapper mines
  • Added arm sound to Trapper mines
  • Trapper mines now disappear on owner death or at the end of their 45 second lifespan
  • Fixed knife remaining in Trapper’s hand after stabbing a netted enemy


  • Fixed dinosaur turning rate fluctuations
  • Fixed dinosaurs not being able to walk forward while looking straight down
  • Modified dinosaur head IK to minimize neck stretching
  • Reduced strength of foot placement to minimize leg twitching
  • Reduced attenuation of small dinosaur footsteps
  • Fixed issue where small dinosaurs couldn’t recover from a pounce in DinovDino
  • Fixed Raptor, T-Rex, Dilo, and Ptera not reliably playing netted animations correctly
  • Decreased Raptor/Oviraptor SprintStaminaConsumptionRate to 3 units/second
  • Decreased Raptor/Oviraptor JumpStaminaPenalty to 10 units
  • Decreased Raptor/Oviraptor claw swipe range
  • Decreased Dilo poison DOT from 8 units/second to 6 units/second
  • Allowed Carno to jump while sprinting
  • Carno can no longer bite while sprinting
  • Increased Carno bite damage to 50
  • Carno roar now heals players for scoring bites against enemies
  • Decreased Carno SprintStaminaConsumptionRate from 10 units/second to 8 units/second
  • Decreased Ptera grab stamina consumption rate from 12 units/second to 10 units/second
  • Increased trace size for Spino bite attack
  • Added Spinosaurus death sounds


  • Scoreboard player options popup fully functions now
  • Added new optimized inventory page which should be able to handle large inventories more efficiently
  • Fixed crosshairs disappearing when reloading while crouched
  • Removed player indicators from the death camera
  • Fixed not being able to chat during end-round scoreboard
  • Fixed show names option not taking effect in gameplay options menu
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