Primal Carnage | Winter 2019
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Winter 2019



Today marks the beginning of the Primal Carnage: Extinction Winter Event. Not only do we have a new update, but for the next few weeks we’ll be hosting special community events and introducing new Winter items to the store and holding fire sales every week.

One of the special events is a new Winter Art Contest with a fantastic prize for the winner. We’ll announce details on that soon.

See the bottom of this post to see the holiday update’s changelog.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without presents, though. And speaking of presents…





By popular demand, ALL gifts from past Winter updates have been brought back with the original 2015 gift 30% off right off the bat. In the past gifts awarded up to 16 players an item from that gifts selection of items. This year we decided that 16 seems a bit low, so to further celebrate the season of giving we’ve increased that number to 24. The player who opens the gift is blessed with a warm feeling inside, knowing they have brought a little joy to the world.

In addition to legacy gifts returning, we also have an all-new gift debuting this winter. The more the merrier!





A wide range of new skins, accessories and taunts arrive with this update, and over the next few weeks we’ll be running FIRE SALES on selected items in the store!

Both new and old items for a variety of classes will be rotating through, in addition to discounts on various winter themed items and cosmetics. Grab some hot deals while you can!

Keep an eye out for announcements on the in-game news ticker, the Primal Carnage: Extinction Discord, Facebook, or Twitter to know when new deals go live!





  • Added a new Admin command to ban players by Steam ID
  • Removed joinspectators console command
  • Fixed players not having an outline when carrying an egg in Capture the Egg
  • Fixed Capture the Egg map rotation list not including ForestChasm
  • Fixed deadly chopper blades sometimes present in Get To The Chopper mode
  • Fixed pain sounds not playing properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed Taunt sound effect distance being too small
  • Fixed a controller bug where you’d be unable to move if holding down the use button
  • Fixed in-game store featured window causing navigation problems
  • Fixed Splash Screen not showing when launching the game
  • Fixed an issue where the Spinosaurus Claw Pick Taunt animation behaved strange (Thanks, Waddigator!)
  • Fixed an issue where using a collar with the Abyssal Novaraptor caused a conflict with the quills (Thanks, Dr. Cuttlefish!)



  • Added “Tyrant Takedown” bonus EXP for allies that assist killing a Tyrant
  • Added a glowing outline to health and ammo pickups that appear when low on health/ammo
  • Added Human VO cues every time a human picks up a health/ammo kit
  • Fixed weapon spread not behaving correctly while crouched
  • Fixed some damage types not blocking incoming Raptor pounces (Rejoice!)
  • Fixed ammo pickups doing nothing while holding a melee weapon
  • Increased MK Pistol and Dual Revolver maximum damage at long distances
  • Reduced MK Pistol maximum recoil
  • Reduced Human ragdoll total mass for visual reasons
  • Added auto-reload functionality to the StunGun
  • Added charred effect to bodies killed from electrical shock damage
  • Increased StunGun effective range slightly
  • Increased StunGun dinosaur stunned duration from 3.5 to 5 seconds
  • Fixed Flyers not entering a fall state when being hit with shock damage
  • Added Netgun “falling net” impact effect for solid surfaces
  • Reduced Netgun net collision radius slightly
  • Fixed Humans having full passive melee ability while aiming or reloading
  • Fixed Trapper net-knife damage bonus so it only applies to small dinosaurs



  • Added +15 EXP bonus to any player that gains a kill while buffed by a Tyrant
  • Increased max step height for all dinosaurs classes except Tyrants
  • Increased Carno knockback distance when colliding with a human
  • Increased Oviraptor health from 200 to 240
  • Increased Oviraptor stamina from 140 to 180
  • Increased Oviraptor scent detection radius by 15%
  • Increased Oviraptor max jump height and jump turn speed slightly
  • Increased Oviraptor pounce maul damage slightly
  • Increased Tyrant roar buff range
  • Reduced Tyrant roar buff duration from 40 to 30 seconds
  • Reduced netted duration from 12 to 10 seconds
  • Reduced the amount of pain sounds a Tyrant plays while netted
  • Fixed Tyrant roar buff not applying properly
  • Fixed Acro stomp attack not knocking back players properly
  • Fixed an issue where the human model wouldn’t sync with the Spino eating animation



  • Added some additional light sources to the darker areas of Docks
  • Fixed a fence collision issue in DesertionPoint
  • Fixed humans climbing onto surfaces not intended in Docks
  • Fixed CTE jeeps not blocking players in UtilityBase
  • Fixed an unintended particle effect being visible outside CTE in UtilityBase
  • Fixed humans climbing onto a crane not intended in UtilityBase
  • Fixed humans climbing onto surfaces not intended in Docks
  • Fixed props for CTE mode being visible in Freeroam on Docks
  • Fixed nest for CTE mode near human base glitching out in Docks
  • Fixed alternate boat ramp not lowering properly in GTTC-Docks
  • Fixed a fence on not blocking anything in GTTC-Downpour
  • Verdant buildings modified so Tyrants can access two of the three buildings
  • Verdant layout improved with more access to the main central building
  • Verdant fence, wall gaps, and pipe bridges widened for dinosaur player traversal
  • Verdant human spawns so no longer exist within the buildings to prevent camping


We hope this update warms things up!

And if you’ve yet to enter the Carnage, or have a friend who hasn’t had the pleasure, you can still enjoy a 50% off the entire Primal franchise for the last few days of the Steam Winter Sale!

And from the whole Primal Carnage team,
Have a merry new year!



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