Primal Carnage | Patch 0.9.8EA Notes
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Patch 0.9.8EA Notes

Patch 0.9.8EA Notes

Las Vegas, NV – February 21st, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


  • Added startup videos
  • Added more loading screens
  • Removed minimum player count to get a loot as a temporary way of deterring loot bots from joining actual matches
  • Re-enabled FXAA Low/High and MLAA Anti Aliasing methods
  • Fixed main menu music from repeating when alt-tabbing in/out of the game
  • Fixed Infernal Deagle icon
  • Fixed issues with the Green Longhorn Carno economy item
  • Improved the look of the Brimstone Feathered Raptor and the Snow Oviraptor
  • Fixed the main menu Compies floating
  • Fixed an exploit where alternate render modes like wireframe could be used in multiplayer
  • Disabled camera collisions on thin objects like trees and fences
  • Disabled thirdperson binding until we can improve it
  • Fixed FOV not being set properly in spectator mode
  • Fixed health corpses not receiving bulletholes
  • Fixed footsteps sometimes still playing after death
  • World Detail setting modified: Low – Nothing, Medium – Ground Foliage/Extra Details, High – Decals/Particle Effects


  • Significantly decreased all human class base speeds and stamina speeds
  • Decreased all human class stamina consumption rates to allow longer sprinting
  • Added variable recoil to all human weapons
  • Added crouch accuracy bonus to all human weapons
  • Added crouch recoil recoil reduction to all human weapons
  • Fixed accuracy calculation for scoped weapons
  • Increased unscoped accuracy penalty for the sniper rifle
  • Increased damage of assault rifle from 22 to 24
  • Fixed animation desync between human arms and guns in first person
  • Increased fire-rate of Scientist Dartgun
  • Added throwable item cap
  • Reduced Trapper net time to 5 seconds for regular dinosaurs, 8 seconds for Tyrants


  • Fixed T-Rex not using its sprint animation
  • Fixed T-Rex floating in certain cases
  • Dinosaurs will now attack repeatedly when holding down primary fire
  • Decreased base Ptera speed for network stability/ease of grabbing
  • Increased Ptera grab window by 0.2 seconds
  • Decreased Ptera stamina recharge delay to 2 seconds
  • Increased Ptera stamina recharge rate to 15 units per second (out of 100 stamina units)
  • Fixed issues with Carno sprint/blend animations
  • Fixed dinosaurs being able to prevent other dinosaurs from healing

Maps and Environment

  • Improved general performance in all maps
  • Grass can now be hidden in low world detail mode
  • Switched to more optimized grass
  • Fixed the river bush moving violently when touched
  • Fixed certain ground foliage assets visually popping
  • Improved post-processing, lighting, and fog in all maps
  • Added a blizzard event to Snowbound
  • Added tyrant blockers to Snowbound
  • Removed item resupply stations from Transfer catwalks
  • Added a long catwalk corridor along the south transfer wall
  • Added experimental tarp physics to Transfer


  • Weapon icons now show up properly in class select menu
  • Fixed a crash when switching between static and dynamic shadows
  • Fixed server browser sorting not always working properly
  • Fixed certain characters not showing up properly in chat (<3)
  • Fixed class stats all showing the same values
  • Fixed the timer not showing correctly during the end-round sequence
  • Consolidated Inventory and Loadout to Customization in menus
  • Potential fix for looping healthbar animation issue
  • Increased brightness on item outlines in inventory screens
  • Fixed team select background parallax holes
  • Fixed a bug in the scoreboard where switching between mouse/keyboard control would disable buttons and stop you from clicking/pressing any of them on the scoreboard
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