Primal Carnage | Patch 0.9.9EA Notes
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Patch 0.9.9EA Notes

Patch 0.9.9EA Notes

Thanks to MasRellim for the header image!

Las Vegas, NV – March 27th, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


  • Implemented F-Mod as the standard audio engine (Should fix performance/sound issues experienced by many players)
  • Economy drops are now awarded during the match on any gamemode rather than at the end of the round
  • Sticking with your team in teamswap games increases drop chances
  • Added global jump stamina penalty
  • Initial implementation of a death camera
  • Fixed some memory turn-over issues which contributed to poor performance for some players
  • Possible fix for random client garbage collection crash pertaining to Steam Stats Reader
  • Added Dilo loading screen
  • Added a rustle sound when moving through the bushes
  • Added a leaf particle effect when shooting bushes
  • Fixes and optimizations for many general map issues


  • Added new upper-body animations to the humans
  • Fixed crouch-climbing exploit
  • Added new weapon firing sounds for most guns
  • Implemented Human VO sounds for grab, spit, damageheavy, jumping, landing, and running out of stamina
  • Implemented more equip sounds
  • Implemented more Molotov sounds
  • Fixed humans not playing footstep sounds when crouching and moving right
  • Fixed 3rd person Deagle muzzleflash from looking like a flamethrower
  • Increased AR reserve ammo to 200
  • Shotgun base damage is now less reliant on crit bonus
  • Slight increase on shotgun base damage
  • Increased shotgun clip ammo
  • Increased shotgun reserve ammo
  • Reduced minimum shotgun falloff start distance
  • Added explosion effect to flaregun impact
  • Fixed Pyro-Bomb explotion effect not showing up
  • Increased flaregun reserve ammo count
  • Increased flaregun shot damage
  • Increased chainsaw damage per second
  • Improved the way netting detection works
  • Decreased net travel speed
  • Increased dual pistol reserve ammo
  • Increased dual pistol damage slightly
  • Increased dartgun clip size to 8
  • Increased dartgun reserve ammo
  • Scoping now slows player movement speed
  • Fixed the default scientist model having some weird facial texturing issues


  • Rehauled the entire dinosaur movement system including ground/sprint speeds, acceleration, turning rates, and animation speeds
  • Major camera improvements
  • Increased maximum dinosaur view pitch
  • Dinosaur stamina regeneration cooldown is now near-instant across all dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur cosmetics now use mesh compositing for quills/horns/fibers to minimize synchronization errors and improve lighting quality
  • Fixed Tyrant/Carno sounds not coming from the character
  • Carno charge attack now functions in test Dino vs. Dino mode.
  • Decreased Novaraptor stamina to 110
  • Decreased Oviraptor stamina to 140
  • Decreased Oviraptor claw swipe damage to 35
  • Decreased Nova/Ovi StaminaSprintConsumption to 5
  • Fixed maul victims triggering bump events that cancel a pounce
  • Fixed Raptor/Ovi CurrentDamageTakenDuringMaul not filtering out friendly fire, canceling a pounce
  • Decreased Dilo SpitStaminaCost to 25
  • Increased Dilo DOT chance to 100%
  • Fixed Dilo/Cryo sinking into the ground while crouching
  • Carno headswing will now force you to uncrouch
  • Fixed Dilo/Cryo “purring” on death
  • Carno can no longer jump while sprinting
  • Increased Ptera sprint speed
  • Increased Ptera peck damage from 30 to 40
  • Increased Tupa sprint speed
  • Fixed Ptera/Tupa sinking into the ground
  • Fixed Ptera/Tupa being able to land on their face and staying that way
  • Fixed the T-Rex default aim being slightly upward
  • Spino claw swipe now uses melee traces for more reliable detection
  • Increased attenuation on Tyrant footsteps
  • Fixed Tyrants being able to trample through objects
  • Fixed Tyrant feet moving really fast while falling


  • Team assignment has been made more consistent, with the player being assigned to a team (red or blue) and now stay with that team for the duration of the match
  • Team colour is now represented in the colour of the HUD, including new colouring for spectators
  • TDM match time progress is now shown visually in the HUD
  • TDM score progress is now shown visually in the HUD
  • Increased the readability of positional player icons in the HUD
  • Player positional icons now distinguish between teams in the spectator HUD by being coloured either red or blue
  • Added the current server name to the scoreboard
  • Spectators in the chat window now have yellow name colouring
  • The END key will now scroll the chat window to the bottom, and is also bindable
  • Minor usability issues in the chat window have now been fixed
  • Game input while typing in the chat window will no longer occur
  • Drop notifications now show during play and in the chat window
  • Added class icons to the scoreboard for player’s current team, and both teams at end round
  • Fixed end-round control lock issues
  • Fixed spectator selection not reliably working
  • Fixed respawn prompt showing when switching to spectators
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in spectator mode if they were a spectator before round transition
  • In test Dino v. Dino gamemode, team select should now properly display Red vs Blue dino teams
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