Primal Carnage | Christmas Carnage Winter Update
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Christmas Carnage Winter Update

CMC card

The Christmas Carnage Winter Update is here! Get a breakdown of the long awaited crafting feature and the new holiday items here.


Las Vegas, NV – December 16th, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


  • Added assist points for Trapper killing a netted dinosaur
  • Added assist points for killing a dinosaur restrained by another dinosaur
  • Added assist points for a Commando when someone uses his ammo kit
  • Added assist points for a Scientist when someone uses her health kit
  • Scoreboard now allows you to free-look while open
  • Changing class will not take effect until the next time you respawn
  • Fixed an issue that caused arm shadows to be visible when using throwables
  • Fixed FOV setting not applying correctly at map load
  • Fixed weird Pathfinder idles in 1st person
  • Fixed spectating your dead body contributing points in GTTC



  • Added an outline to human players that are pounced by a Raptor
  • Fixed human outlines so they’re more consistent and visible
  • Increased Assault Rifle damage
  • Decreased Assault Rifle recoil
  • Increased Assault Rifle grenade explosion radius
  • Increased Tranq Rifle fire rate
  • Increased Tranq Rifle overdose amount
  • Increased Tranq Rifle stamina deduction
  • Increased the detection range of sensor mines
  • Added headshot bonus for Shotgun
  • Decreased Shotgun damage
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent Shotgun damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the Flaregun sometimes inflicts double damage



  • Increased Raptor/Oviraptor pounce stamina consumption
  • Decreased Dilo/Cryo stamina regeneration rate
  • Fixed stamina regenerating for dinosaurs while in mid-air
  • Fixed issues with several dinosaur skins



  • Added a Christmas Crate with Christmas-themed items
  • Added a Christmas Gift, which gifts an item to up to 16 players in a server, and a rare item to the gift giver
  • Added 33 new Christmas-themed Dinosaur skins
  • Added 2 new Christmas-themed Human Cosmetics
  • Added a new Christmas-themed Human Outfit
  • Added 18 new Christmas-themed Weapon skins


New Suicide Penalties

There are now penalties for players who consecutively suicide to help prevent griefing. This is configurable for server owners, with the default being an auto-kick for 3 consecutive suicides. Players who are close to the suicide limit are warned in their chat window.


Crafting has now been added to the game! You can access it from the Customization tab.


  • 5 Crates can be crafted into a Common Item through the Trade-In Screen
  • 10 Commons can be crafted to an Uncommon
  • 15 Uncommons can be crafted to a Rare
  • 20 Rares can be crafted to a Legendary


You can control the resulting class output using DNA Strands for Dinosaurs, or Requisition Orders for Humans. These are available from the in-game store for purchase.

Open Testing

Want to contribute your opinion for the direction of Primal Carnage Extinction, and be the first to try out new features and balance? Open Testing is now running, with regular build updates and new features, tweaks and balance changes. Check out the Open Testing Forum for more information!

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  • you should make crafting and testing maps and skins on ps4 it would be greatly appreciated

    January 9, 2016 Reply
  • make this on ps4 please it would be a great help to get crafting it would make better skins

    January 9, 2016 Reply

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