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Caution -- wiki still under construction!

Welcome to the Primal Carnage: Extinction Developer Wiki!

Here you can find information on using the Extinction Editor, Workshop Tools, and managing Dedicated Servers.

The Extinction Editor is the same software the developers use to create the game, which is a customized version of the Unreal Engine 3 editor. This means that there's already a good amount of documentation out there to help you, especially in the form of tutorials for UE3 / UDK.

Nevertheless, we have endeavored to provide a good overview of how to use the editing tools here on this wiki to help you get started quickly. There are also in-depth guides on the use of assets and tools in creating content specifically for Extinction.

There is a series of Extinction Editor Courses that go over how to use the editor and cover every aspect of map creation. This is where you should start. There are also a lot of example maps for you to look at, which provide either a template to work from or showcase certain features.

Getting started

Source Assets

Looking for meshes and texture bases for the dinosaurs, humans and weapons? Click Here to download them in FBX and TGA format (344mb ZIP)

These files can be used for realtime painting in a tool like Substance Painter or Photoshop/GIMP

External Resources

Unreal 3 Developer Documentation Covers every aspect of the development toolset in detail.

Hourences UDK Guides A great resource for both beginner and experienced mappers using Unreal.

3DBuzz UDK In Depth Lots of in depth video tutorials on a variety of topics, but with a more technical focus.