Primal Carnage | Dinovember Update
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Dinovember Update


The Dinovember Update for Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released!
Read all about it…




Halloween Horrors is behind us, but we have some frightfully good new looks in-store for Carnotaurus. This charging bruiser is the latest featured class as part of our new regular store rotation, with several new community-created cosmetics available now, alongside a character skin pack for the Carno.



In our last major update we added 3 new maps developed by our fans. We’ve loved seeing the positive response to these, and wanted to provide a way to give something back to the creators for their hard work. To that end, we are introducing Map Stamps to the store this month.

Map makers will receive two thirds of all profits from stamp purchases. As well as supporting creators, there is a unique skin obtained by purchasing each map stamp for your generosity!



  • Reduced default respawn time of ammo kits by 10 seconds
  • Increased chainsaw damage from 210 to 212
  • Significantly increased fire rate of standard pistol
  • Reduced accuracy and effective range of standard pistol
  • Reduced damage of standard pistol from 60 to 40
  • Changed clip capacity of standard pistol from 15 to 9
  • Fixed sniper rifle not using damage falloff
  • Reduced damage at max range for sniper rifle
  • Fixed dual pistols not using damage falloff
  • Increased dual pistol damage from 45 to 50
  • Reduced max sprint speed for Carnotaurus from 2.83x to 2.75x
  • Slowed stamina regen rate for Carno from 20 to 15
  • Reduced corpse heal rate from 150 / sec to 75 / sec for Carno
  • Reduced minimum speed and distance required to successfully pounce
  • Minor reduction to raptor pounce stamina usage




  • Docks: fixed phantom health crates on TDM
  • UtilityBase: fixed wall of invisible psychic energy on TDM
  • UtilityBase: added another corpse to the compound area
  • GTTC Ruthless: changed spawn point groups activated for spitters after first capture point
  • GTTC Ruthless: fixed cave exit still blocking dinosaurs after point is taken
  • GTTC Ruthless: Fixed resupply crates inside first human spawn not working
  • GTTC Falls: fixed the main gate not unlocking properly
  • PC-TheFalls: removed health pickup from inside the minidome
  • Geothermal: fixed a couple of unusable pickup items



  • Fixed the Acro not playing its Tyrant class music
  • Increased audio max channels & streambuffer size to combat sound stuttering
  • Fixed incorrect challenge requirements on tyrant swipe & stomp objectives
  • Fixed points bonus for killing raptors who are pouncing teammates not working
  • Fixed saviour kill challenge for killing raptors who are pouncing teammates
  • Potential fix for vote-kick causing crashes in some cases
  • Fixed dark slime Acro & cavansite Acro skins not working properly
  • Fixed missing detail on Battlescarred Ovi feathers
  • Fixed ash and wavebreaker Tupa being swapped
  • Fixed the Vigilant Pathfinder being bald.


A while ago, the throwable items for human classes were re-arranged. However, there was a bug where loadouts would not be properly validated, which sometimes caused the wrong items to appear equipped.

The update *should* resolve this issue, but as a result everyone’s loadout will be reset to default. You will need to re-equip your skins and weapons when next starting the game.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Over the past few weeks a number of backend fixes have been deployed for the economy system. Challenges and rankup rewards should hopefully be working properly now after this latest patch. We will be continuing to put more checks in place server-side, to ensure that the system is working as intended.



Be sure to head on over to the Issues and Bug Reporting forum if you encounter any problems.

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