Primal Carnage | Extinction Editor, AaD Answers #2
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Extinction Editor, AaD Answers #2


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Extinction Editor, Open Testing Steam Apps

A couple days ago, both the Extinction Editor and the Open Testing Steam applications went live for everyone that owns Extinction. You’ll find the Extinction Editor under “Software” and Open Testing under “Games”. The Editor is ready to go, but the Open Testing application doesn’t have a build ready yet. The new build will be released within a day or so. All future testing builds will be done through this application, so you don’t need to worry about switching between branches and constantly re-download the game.

You can launch the editor and start having a go at creating some maps or skins of your own. Our documentation page is almost complete, but in the meantime you can check out some of my streams or the UE3 documentation. You can also ask us questions directly on our Discord Channel.

Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop is almost ready to go. Initially it’ll only work for skins and other cosmetics. We were going to hold off on it until we had maps working too, but the community has already started creating dozens of great looking skins and we feel like those skin artists would appreciate some feedback. We’re likely going to roll out a closed-beta to some of the more well-known skin artists in the next few days before making it public.


Ask a Developer Answers #2


Is a subclass for the Carnotaurus still planned?

It’s still of great interest to us. It’s just not on our current roadmap. We’ve been reaching out to the necessary people to try and make it happen. 

Would it be possible to, in the future, add variants to existing / upcoming weapons? For example: An assault rifle variant for the commando that has a less damaging but larger radius grenade launcher.

It’s possible, and honestly downright easy. We’ve thrown around ideas of doing something like this with the Tranq Pistol, giving it poison darts. We haven’t done it because we felt like people would consider it a cheap addition. We also have to figure out how to make the weapons look different in some way (So other players know what they’re up against when they spot you).

Will the other two original Carnotaurus skins (Frog and Plague) get “longhorn” variations in the future?

It’s not out of the question. We usually leave these decisions to the skin artists. I think they’ve avoided things like this because it’s seen in a negative light, just like when variants of these skins are posted on Trello.

What’s the status on “Capture The Egg” and “Hunt”?

They’re in the works. Hunt is slated for next month, and CTE is still planned sometime after that. Right now our focus is the Human Update in February. 

Will the extra human sounds in solo mode (Jumping, Falling, Out of stamina) appear in multiplayer matches?

Aren’t they in already? 

Will there be an option to check a box to spawn with random skin each time you spawn? (For those who lack a favourite one)

It’s not a bad idea, I know a lot of people have asked for it. It’s a low priority feature for sure though.

Will the humans be saying their old phrases again when healing up at crates?

It seems this broke at some point, we’re looking into it.

Is there any chance we could get back the old look of the feathered snakeskin?

As far as I know, the Feathered Snakeskin hasn’t changed. What are you referring to?

Will admins on a server will get some sort of sign that they are admins? (for example logged in admins have a different name colour etc.)

Yeah, it’s something we’re looking at. Our UI doesn’t allow for much in terms of coloring the text so we’re going to try and expand on that. 

Is there any chance that skins are made to not look blurred out anymore if you run the game on low settings?

They look “blurred out” because setting your texture settings to low lowers the resolution of the texture. To “fix” that is to remove that option, which could have the result of hurting some of our low-end users. The solution is simply to raise your texture settings if it doesn’t hurt your framerate too much. 

How come that even with the crafting system, some items are incredible rare? (Tuxedo Trapper, Golden Dilo Shackles)

Not all items are craftable. This is intentional- there will always be items that are more difficult to gain than others. 

Why doesn’t togglehud/F1 hide the icons from for example tyrant roars or poison/flames etc. anymore? (For screenshots)

Because that’s a relatively new feature, it’s likely they were never set up to work with ToggleHUD. It’s something we can look into. 

Is there a chance for a comeback of the “slomo” command without it being exploitable?

Probably not, unfortunately. That was a base Unreal command which works by modifying game time, which is what the economy timers work off of. There isn’t an easy way to get around that, and it’s not something we’re likely to spend that much time on right now.

It seems that all DLC raptors have been “remastered”, except the Savage Feathered. Will it be remastered too?

The DLC skins that were remastered were the ones specifically made by Ikarop, and I think the Savage wasn’t one of his. This means he doesn’t have the original PSDs, so it would be very difficult to do. Skins like that don’t even use the base overlay system.

If and when you have the resources, will you do voice commands for both humans and dinosaurs? And if so, will you expand the voice commands to include more commands like “Open fire”, “Run away”, etc.?

Human commands are something we’re definitely very interested in, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Expanding the vocal selection for that would mean getting new voice lines. This isn’t all that expensive or hard to do, but our biggest problem has always been finding the right voice actors. Literally nobody I’ve talked to seems to know who the original actors are, and so far the community has been very particular about replacing the existing voices. 

It’s been already established that the quilled raptors are the older individuals of the scaly species. Lore wise, what do quilled Dilophosaurs/Cryolophosaurs, feathered raptors with the falcon mesh and spiked T. Rexes represent, specifically? Gender? Age? Genetic anomalies?

I wouldn’t say they represent anything in particular. I see them no differently than different breeds of a dog or cat. Not all dinosaurs are born (or created in a lab) the same. 

Will we ever see Alpha skins for the Oviraptor/Tupandactylus/Cryolophosaurus/Acrocanthosaurus?

This is the sort of thing we leave to the skin artists. If they’re interested in creating an “Alpha” skin, we’re all for it if the community reaction is positive. With workshop coming soon, we could even see what the community comes up with in terms of “Alpha” skins. It’ll have to be damn good though, there can only be -one- Alpha.

Are you guys interested in bringing back the Trapper’s old firing mode for his pistols from the original Primal Carnage?

We’ve never been against it, it just has the problem of needing to give the Trapper it’s own ammo counter HUD/system for showing both pools of ammo for the individual pistols. And that’s a lot of work. So far we’ve felt our time should be spent on other higher priority features/fixes.

Will idle kick ever come to freeroam servers? Why was the suicide kick removed from freeroam servers?

I’m not sure why they don’t work in Freeroam. I’m under the impression you need to specifically enable them there? If not, we can look into it.

If somebody creates a skin and it gets enough votes to be put into the game, will the creator of that skin automatically get it?

It wouldn’t be automatic, but yes we will grant the skin to the creator. 

If and when a map/skin gets into the game that was created by a community member, would the map be changed for any reasons? Would said changes have to go past the creator of the map/skin before being implemented?

When the map workshop is available, anybody will be able to put their work up for all to download and use. We’re interested in working with the creators of really popular/well done maps to put them straight into the game like TF2 does. If or when that happens, we would work directly with the creator to fix up the map for shipping with the game. So yes, everything would go past the creator. 

When a map/skin is added into the game, would the creator get special credit for it (ie, a special variant of the skin)? If the creator of a map gets special credit for it, how would they receive the credit?

I don’t know about a special variant of the skin. The creator would certainly get the skin, and we could possibly give it to them under a special rarity type like “Unique”. As for maps, we’re not quite sure how that will work yet.
If the creator of a map/skin does not have the game, would they get the game also, or would the skin be added to their inventory despite not having the game?

You can’t submit your map/skin to workshop without owning the game. Same with using the editor. 

Are you going to do something about the raptor crashing with the invisible edges or with the surfaces when pouncing from above?

Yeah, it’s something we’ll look into.

Is there a possibility for archived models like the old Triceratops to show up in the editor in case someone wants to take a crack at them? Or are those files not available at all?

I believe the model is floating around the Genesis repository somewhere, but as far as I know it’s just the model without a rig/animations. So at the moment it wouldn’t be all that useful to the community.

Will admins get any new commands?

Yep, we have a few more commands to add.


  • I would love the game if Ceratosaurus was added. I support Primal Carnage with my gaming life! A new subclass would be a good birthday present to me if they added a subclass around May.

    February 15, 2016 Reply
    • Dawnstar

      Ceratosaurus makes sense as a Carnotaurus subclass. Other abelisaurids like Majungasaurus could work, but Ceratosaurus is more famous (it was in Jurassic Park).

      February 26, 2016 Reply
      • Dawnstar

        Or perhaps an adult Dilophosaurus or Cryolophosaurus as a subclass of carno?

        February 26, 2016 Reply
  • We seriously need a subclass for Carnotaurus. I would suggest Ceratosaurus or Allosaurus. Please… Will there be a new subclass for the carno coming up in 2016???

    February 15, 2016 Reply
  • Dominique Harmon

    It’s just me probably, but I was wondering in the class of Carnotaurus can there be an Allosaurus aswell, i find that species well s its big but not tyrant big,

    February 14, 2016 Reply

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