Primal Carnage | Human Update 1.4 Now Available
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Human Update 1.4 Now Available


Las Vegas, NV – March 3rd, 2016 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:

Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop is now available for skins and cosmetics. You can view our workshop here to start voting on items! You can use the Extinction Editor (Located in the Software section on Steam if you own the game) to make skins and upload them to Steam Workshop.

Extinction Developer Wiki

To learn how to use the Extinction Editor and upload content to Workshop, check out our shiny new developer wiki. It’s a work in progress, but it’ll be enough to get you started.

New Weapons

MK Pistol – Fast firing with a 15 bullet clip, this gun can be used as a secondary for every class but the Trapper.

Carbine Rifle – A new primary for the Commando, this rifle is more accurate than the default Assault Rifle but doesn’t have a grenade launcher.

Double Barrel Shotgun – Fire one barrel or both barrels! New primary for the Pathfinder.

SPAZ Shotgun – A close quarters powerhouse, this new Pathfinder primary will make short work of smaller dinosaurs.

Machete – A powerful melee weapon at the cost of sacrificing the Pathfinder’s secondary weapon.

Stun Gun – An alternative to the Netgun, this Trapper weapon stuns dinosaurs while also doing damage.

Dynamite – A devastating explosive used by the Trapper, this throwable has a large radius but a very long fuse time.


Human Passive Melee 

Every human class now has a knife that can be used regardless of your current weapon using Middle Mouse Button (It can be rebound in options). It currently does 50 damage, and the Trapper receives a 2x damage bonus when knifing netted or stunned enemies.

Aim Down Sights 

ADS has been updated to provide a more consistent experience. Aiming down the sights will always be the weapons secondary fire, and weapons that have a secondary fire already will no longer have ADS. (For example, the Assault Rifle or Flamesaw)


This new Freeroam map with a super unique and original name takes place on an…island and features a day-night cycle.

Auto-Assign Parameter

The update features a new launch parameter “bAutoAssignTeam” to automatically assign new players to a team. This is experimental, so use at your own risk.



  • Added Steam Workshop support
  • Added sounds to the voting UI
  • Added a timer between calling votes
  • Added keybinds for Melee, Taunt, and Quick-Switch
  • Added sounds for throwables
  • Added !SetScale and !SetHealth admin commands
  • Added a minor jump delay for all classes
  • Reduced the time to enter the match when joining a server from 10 to 5 seconds
  • Fixed using chat not counting towards idle kick
  • Fixed autobalance not moving the last player that joined the team
  • Fixed MaxTeamSizeDifference being 2 instead of 1
  • Fixed being able to vote-kick Admins and VIPs
  • Fixed an issue where AdminLogOut caused a player to suicide
  • Fixed body falling sounds not playing
  • Fixed a bug to where the game would freeze when first attacking an enemy
  • Fixed several KillCam issues
  • Fixed not being able to join a server through Steam Friends
  • Fixed stamina being consumed while holding shift in mid-air



  • Decreased Carno SprintAcceleration
  • Decreased Carno ChargeDamage slightly
  • Decreased Flyer AirSpeed and AirSprintSpeed
  • Decreased Flyer StaminaDegenerationRate
  • Increased Flyer grab trace distance slightly
  • Fixed Tupa “divebomb” exploit
  • Fixed Flyer speed exploit
  • Fixed Tyrant buff effects not being invisible in shadow
  • Fixed being able to taunt while netted
  • Fixed the Carno knocking players forward during a charge
  • Removed camera shake from the Tranq effect



  • Added MK Pistol
  • Added Carbine Rifle
  • Added Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Added SPAZ Shotgun
  • Added Machete
  • Added Stun Gun
  • Added Dynamite
  • Added Passive Melee
  • Added headshot damage for some throwables (Like the Hatchet)
  • Changed ADS system
  • Increased Shotgun Spread
  • Increased Shotgun effective damage distance
  • Increased Flamesaw Saw damage
  • Increased Desert Eagle recoil
  • Increased Desert Eagle damage
  • Decreased Desert Eagle rate of fire
  • Fixed Flamesaw catching dinosaurs on fire based on chance
  • Fixed muzzle-flashes trailing behind the weapons when moving
  • Removed Trapper melee secondary fire for the Netgun in favor of passive melee



  • Added FR-Island
  • Fixed missing surface effects on several props in PC-Docks
  • Fixed several collision issues for Tyrants/Bruisers in PC-ForestChasm
  • Fixed being able to spawn inside the Contingency Hallway



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  • Saansilt

    Awesome news. Any eta for this update on PS4?

    March 5, 2016 Reply

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