Primal Carnage | Hunt Update 1.5.0 Now Available
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Hunt Update 1.5.0 Now Available


Las Vegas, NV – April 17th, 2016 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:



Phoenix Corporation has been experimenting with cloaking technology that allows a special breed of Novaraptor to become invisible! Fortunate for the engineers involved in the project but unfortunate for you, this new tech has a side effect of making these specimens more deadly.

In this gamemode, one player is randomly chosen to be the cloaked Raptor. The Hunt Raptor’s objective is to take out a team of humans. If the humans survive for 5 minutes, they win! If the Hunt Raptor kills off the whole team, the Hunt Raptor wins and gets to be the Raptor again. If a human kills the Hunt Raptor, that human becomes it.


Workshop Celebration Crate & Key

We’re celebrating the overwhelming success of Steam Workshop support with our first Community Crate! This crate contains 10 items created by our community – 5 uncommons, 3 rares, and 2 legendary items. You can unlock this crate with the new Workshop Celebration Crate Key, and a percentage of these sales go straight to the community content creators. In addition, the Workshop’s most popular item- The “Female Alpha Novaraptor”, is now available in the store…but only until May 1st. Get it while you can!

Along with these items, workshop creators Kordak and Talon have provided us with 8 free skin drops!


Stat Track

Ever wish you could do more to let other players know you’re the best? Now you can! With Stat-Track items, every kill gets logged in the item’s description for everyone to see. As you get more kills, your Stat-Track item will reach milestones and the prefix name of your item will change to match (For example – Vicious Steel Leopard Novaraptor). Stat-Track items are currently only available in special Stat-Track crates, including the new Workshop Celebration Crate.


Spectator UI, Dominations, Gameplay Feed

When spectating a player during a match, you now have access to new information. This includes their Steam avatar, current health, currently equipped item, and how many times you’ve killed them vs you. Over time we plan on updating this with even more information.

Additionally, when you kill a player a certain number of times you’re now Dominating that player- and the server lets everyone know it.

Finally, we have a new gameplay feed that sits below the timer on the HUD. This feed updates you with relevant gameplay events.


Human Skin Bases

In the next day or so, we’ll be releasing skin bases for all of the human characters. Making full human skins has never been easier!





  • Added Hunt
  • Added new Spectator UI
  • Added Dominations
  • Added Gameplay Feed
  • Added Workshop Celebration Crate with 10 new items
  • Added Female Alpha Novaraptor to Store
  • Added 8 skin drops
  • Generally improved server chat logging
  • Freeroam now properly logs chat messages
  • Fixed a Steam DLL causing some dedicated servers to not advertise
  • Fixed certain achievements not updating correctly
  • Fixed map rotation not working correctly in some gamemodes
  • Fixed the server gamemode not carrying over after a map change
  • Fixed being able to vote for maps meant for a different gamemode
  • Fixed an issue where controls would stay locked after death
  • Fixed a start-up crash for players at certain low resolutions
  • Fixed -queryport launch parameter not existing



  • Raptor/Oviraptor no longer freezes at the end of a maul
  • Improved reliability of Ptera/Tupa roar
  • Decreased Raptor/Oviraptor jump delay slightly
  • Decreased Dilo/Cryo jump delay slightly
  • Increased Carno acceleration closer to original values
  • Increased Carno charge damage
  • Increased Ptera AirSpeed from 300 to 400
  • Increased Tupa AirSpeed from 350 to 450
  • Fixed Raptor/Oviraptor floating during a maul
  • Fixed the Raptor/Oviraptor regenerating stamina during a maul
  • Fixed dinosaurs being able to heal while netted, on fire, or flying
  • Fixed T-Rex not consuming stamina during special attacks
  • Fixed 3rd person dilo poison effect showing in 1st person



  • Rehauled melee system to increase reliability
  • Passive melee can now be used while reloading, firing, or scoping
  • Explosive weapons now deal 50% damage to their owners
  • Explosives no longer do damage to other humans
  • Drastic Molotov Cocktail improvements
  • Removed headshot damage from all shotguns
  • Removed SPAS12 double-shot secondary
  • Increased Passive Melee damage from 50 to 75
  • Increased StunGun effective range from 768 units to 1280 units
  • Increased Trapper Melee bonus to netted/stunned enemies (Now instakill)
  • Increased Machete damage from 100 to 180
  • Increased SPAS12 rate of fire
  • Decreased SPAS12 damage from30 per shell to 20
  • Fixed missing healing sounds when a human uses a health station
  • Fixed Pyro chainsaw dealing damage to targets behind him
  • Fixed Flaregun missing an impact sound
  • Fixed audio issues with the dynamite
  • Fixed some human character textures being low-resolution



  • Fixed bad spawnpoints on FR-Island
  • Fixed Airbase helipad being see-through from below
  • Fixed some trees in snow maps having the wrong material
  • Improved Tyrant/Carno collision in several maps



Thanks to Moxxie for the header image!


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