Primal Carnage | January Newsletter #1
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January Newsletter #1



Hey everyone,

To begin the new year, we’re going to start keeping the community informed through one or two newsletters a month. In addition, we’re also going to re-define the way the Ask a Developer thread works- instead of answering questions directly in the thread, the answers will be posted here twice a month.

Community Moderator Sanguis will be running the newsletters/AaD answer posts, and he means business. So check back often!

Open Testing

For those that don’t know, we recently started pushing public testing builds. Whenever we add new features or make balance changes, we push them up to a separate build so anyone can try it out. The following weeks will see a steady output of test builds that will include gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and other minor improvements. Based on feedback from the community, we’ve decided to do open scheduled testing from 11AM to 2PM PST every Saturday. Tomorrow will be the first scheduled test.

Unfortunately this window might not work for everyone, but as popularity grows we’re interested in finding an alternate schedule for those who can’t make it. The testing servers will always be running, so we also encourage the community to test whenever they like. The purpose of the weekly scheduled testing is to guarantee that each open testing build is properly tested with as many people as possible under the supervision of at least one developer.

For testing builds, the overall focus for the weeks to come are improvements of the core gameplay. For the main game, the goal is to release smaller but more focused content updates on a monthly basis.

You can find information on how to join the open testing branch and post issues you find on the Open Testing Subforum.

Extinction Editor

January will see the release of the Extinction Editor, a tool to empower the artists and creative ones among the community to bring their own ideas into the game. The editor will allow anyone to create maps, simple game types using Kismet, cinematic videos, and skins. You can try the editor out yourself once it goes into the open beta phase, and we will be providing plenty of documentation and tutorials on how to use the editor. The forums will receive a new section exclusively for questions regarding the editors and how to bring your visions to (digital) life.

The editor release is something we’re very excited about, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the community can do.

What’s Next

The next few months will see the implementation of taunts, a Human Class Update, an item stat-tracking system (more information regarding this will follow), the long awaited “Hunt”mode, and a challenge system. “Capture the Egg” is on the radar as well. Several much-needed features such as human melee, an optional votemap/votekick system, and others will also find their way into the game soon.

Smaller, but more frequent content updates will make sure a steady stream of new things to discover is available, while the overall core-game experience will steadily be improved. For more information, you can check out our new roadmap here. You might notice that March only has one item listed and we have nothing for the months after. Don’t worry- this is because these months are farther out and we don’t want to over-promise.

Happy New Years!

(Thanks to Trident for the header image!)


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