Primal Carnage | Patch 0.9.5EA Notes
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Patch 0.9.5EA Notes

Patch 0.9.5EA Notes

Las Vegas, NV – January 16th, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


  • Added a respawn timer
  • Improved general Economy/Loadout connectivity
  • Added autobalance*
  • Added missing damage types
  • Added more killicons
  • Added bonus time when capturing GTTC points
  • Added a suicide score penalty of 5
  • Increased assist point value to 5
  • Fixed up assist logic
  • Added a kill credit for when a pounced/grabbed/eaten victim suicides during the sequence
  • Fix for small arms achievement
  • Fix for leap of faith achievement
  • Made small tweaks to spawning logic
  • Fix for players sometimes spawning on the wrong team
  • Fix for players spawning crouched if they held control the moment they died
  • Moved cutscene sounds to the SFX class so their volume is adjustable
  • Players now detach their pawn at the end of the round instead of suiciding
  • Allowed camera rotation while being pounced/eaten/carried
  • Added configurable MOTD for server admins
  • Fixed certain foliage from flickering/popping in certain conditions
  • Modified post processing on several maps
  • Optimized several maps
  • Added “Rex Blockers” to TheFalls, ForestChasm, and ForgottenOutpost
  • Fixed being able to get across the river in Verdant
  • Fixed collision issues in Contingency
  • Fixed being able to escape certain maps
  • The first objective in GTTC-TheFalls now raises the gate
  • Tons of “under the hood” fixes that will help with stability, performance, and general issues


  • Improved Raptor pounce mechanic**
  • Fixed maul gore coming from the wrong location
  • Fixed Dinosaurs not being able to sprint while facing the camera
  • Restricted Ptera roll and pitch angle
  • Flying dinosaurs can now fly vertically
  • Increased flying dinosaur dive speed slightly
  • Switched Ptera grab detection method
  • Ptera now initiates a grab with a single right click rather than holding it down
  • Improved the way flying dinosaurs look to remote clients during flight
  • Increased Tupa health to 225
  • Lowered Carno in-air rotation rate by 50%
  • Carno headswing can now be used at a slightly higher velocity
  • Carno headswing can now be aimed
  • Increased Tyrant head tracking speed by 100%
  • Improved Tyrant head tracking control
  • Fixed stamina jump penalty applying to Tyrants
  • Modified the way the Tyrant bite detection works (Prevents “vacuuming”)
  • Improved spit effect for Dilo and Cryo



  • Added Assist for Netting
  • Increased effective range of Pathfinder shotgun
  • Increased Desert Eagle fire rate by 10%
  • Increased Desert Eagle ammo count from 14 to 42
  • Increased effective range of Trapper Dual Colts
  • Allowed netgun stab to interrupt reloading
  • Increased dartgun stamina drain from 5 to 10
  • Increased dartgun base damage from 5 to 10
  • Fixed pathfinder hair disappearing
  • Fixed pathfinder hair showing in GTTC sequences
  • Slight improvements to the human animation tree to make stuff like sprinting look better (Note: More improvements pending)
  • Slightly lowered the velocity of the commando grenade
  • Lowered commando grenade impact radius
  • Added a bounce to the commando rocket if rocket hits a surface immediately after launch
  • Potential fix for guns floating in the air while being grabbed
  • Increased throwable health kit heal interval to 3 seconds


Setting for enabling/disabling name tags now properly works
Increased text size of chat
Increased the size of the 2D sniper overlay
Added dark outlines to the crosshair and hit markers
Fixed a bug where humans couldn’t switch to empty weapons in their loadout

Autobalance will attempt to keep teams balanced in accordance with the MaxTeamSizeDifference server config option. Players who are randomly selected to be autobalanced will receive an ingame message warning them that upon their next death or the end of a timer they will be swapped to the other team. Players who are autobalanced will be immune from selection to be balanced again for a period of at least 4 minutes. Autobalance can be aborted if the teams are balanced by joining players or voluntary swaps before a player is automatically swapped.

** The raptor pounce now uses a hybrid mechanic where directional lunge attacks can be attempted by right clicking and the longer range targeted pounce can be attempted by holding right click until the reticle appears.

Thanks to LilChef for the header image!

Audio issues: We’re still working on fixing this and have a solution pending soon.

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