Primal Carnage | Patch 1.6.1 Now Available
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Patch 1.6.1 Now Available


Las Vegas, NV – July 28th, 2016 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:



  • Fixed CTE and Hunt servers not showing up in the server browser
  • Fixed the Machete not using the proper melee system
  • Fixed performance issues on PC-TheFalls
  • Fixed progression bar resetting on map change
  • Fixed progression bar being blank in the pause menu
  • Fixed missing kill assist pop-ups
  • Increased audible radius of flesh impact sound
  • Lowered flesh impact sound volume
  • Changed Workshop Celebration Crate #2 to Summer 2016 Crate
  • Changed icons for the two workshop crates and keys to prevent confusion
  • Fixed missing localization for Oxpecker Tupa
  • Fixed Holly and Oozing Dilo using the wrong icons
  • Fixed Dante Spino issues on community artist request
  • Fixed Red-Whiskered Novaraptor on community artist request


Workshop Crate and Icons

To prevent confusion, we’ve changed the icon and descriptions for both the Celebration Workshop Crate and the Summer 2016 Workshop crate:



In case you weren’t aware, in order to open a community workshop crate you must use the key specifically for that crate. The regular key will not open it.

Thanks to Lizy-chan for the update banner!

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