Primal Carnage | Patch #2 Notes
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Patch #2 Notes

Patch #2 Notes

Las Vegas, NV – December 7th, 2014 – Hey, everyone! Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the new patch is live. Expect the following:
-Burning pteras will be unable to initiate grabs
-Fixed Alpha Carno skin to use proper elongated horns and spikes
-Prevented dilo from poisoning teammates with its bite
-Increased dilo bite poison chance to 50%
-Changed camera pivot point to head for tyrants. Exploring similar change for smaller dinos
-Removed crosshairs for most dino classes
-Chromatic aberration setting now applies correctly
-Fixed cursor appearing after class select closes
-Improved team join balance logic [note: autobalance is still pending]
-Initial shader optimization for dinosaurs
-Added 9 second delay to suicide command to prevent using it to escape combat
-Fixed team counts in team select menu
-Fixed class counts in class select menu
-Added battle-scarred rex to the default inventory
-Smoothed camera tracking for humans held by ptera
-Smoothed camera tracking and improved angle for humans eaten by rex and spino
-Increased visibility on ptera/tupa tracking roar outlines
-Fixed autumn ptera and shadow ptera skins being flipped
-3D scope no longer enabled by default
-Adjusted naming of shadow settings to accurately reflect purpose
-Fixed chatlog disappearing while users were typing messages
-Initial optimization pass on PC-Transfer
-Added collisions to rocks missing collision on PC-Forestchasm
-Decreased trigger area of Dilo Clubhouse Achievement
-Add collisions to second objective computer terminal on GTTC-Docks
-Modified shadow configuration to minimize shadow flickering
-Adjusted raptor and carno heights
-Swapped placement of ping and score on the scoreboard
-Potential fix for audio dropping after server map transition
-Potential fix for loadscreen crash when servers are transitioning maps
-Standalone dedicated server support

Additionally we’ve temporarily added the Volcano Spinosaurus skin to everyone’s default inventory pending our smoothing out of inventory issues on the backend. Those of you who have already received your skin will temporarily see a duplicate skin in your ingame inventory.

Note: the first balance update will be coming within the next week. We’re still collecting data from matches and we want to handle stability updates before making any significant balance changes. We’re definitely reading your feedback in the mean time!

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