Primal Carnage | 1.1.3 November Update Now Available
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1.1.3 November Update Now Available

1.1.3 November Update Now Available

Hey Primal Carnage fans! You asked for MORE and we’ve listened! Log in to #PrimalCarnageExtinction today to check out all of our updates for the PC version, including dozens of new economy and store items, improved Alienware controls, TWO new survival maps, a zoom function on ALL human weapons and MORE! Check out the new features below. Will you survive?

Las Vegas, NV – November 15th, 2015 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


  • Added a fade-in when first loading into a map
  • Added Alienware AlienFX support
  • Optimized all shaders
  • Optimized sound cues for weapons, footsteps, melee attacks, environments, and more
  • Removed “slomo” command to prevent people exploiting the economy
  • Assists are now properly cleared when a player changes teams or round restarts
  • Toned down the tranq screen effect to prevent players from getting sick
  • Decreased respawn timer duration
  • Fixed texture file cache issue that caused several crashes
  • Fixed motion blur setting not working
  • Fixed controls locking up after dying while using an item
  • Fixed normal-maps and specular-maps not showing at their full resolution on highest settings
  • Fixed FOV settings not being preserved under certain conditions
  • Fixed certain sounds like footsteps or roars from cutting out


  • Added 89 new economy items
  • Added Human Crate #3
  • Added Dino Crate #4
  • Added new store items


  • Added AI-Geothermal
  • Added AI-Whiteforest
  • Improved game-wide post processing
  • Game-wide lighting/shadow re-haul
  • Added visual improvements to every map
  • Improved performance in every map
  • Improved/remade several environment assets and landscape textures
  • Improved dynamic shadow performance on every map
  • Added lens flares
  • Improved collisions in every map
  • Improved environment ambiance in ever map
  • Added dynamiclightning to PC-Airbase
  • Moved cargo ship corpse on PC-Docks to the back of the ship
  • Moved crashed plane on PC-Marsh to prevent camping
  • Added tyrant-proof areas to PC-Forestchasm
  • Removed exterior ramp on the back of the PC-UtilityBase building
  • Main complex doors on PC-Contingency stay closed for the first 120 seconds
  • Modified AI-VisitorCenter so the player can’t go anywhere the tyrant AI can’t


  • Increased human scale by 20%
  • Improved weapon hit detection
  • Humans now show weapon recoil in third person
  • All weapons now have a zoom function (Middle mouse button)
  • Added a lag offset to weapons when rotating your view
  • Added a subtle bob when sprinting
  • Added new sounds for resupplying
  • Added new landmine beep sounds
  • Added new bullet tracer effects
  • Updated weapon sounds with new distant weapon fire effects
  • Improved weapon impact effects
  • Added hair back to the scientist
  • Added sway to the Pathfinder hair
  • Fire now chars dinosaurs on death
  • Optimized the “Spat on” screen effect
  • Decreased the tranq recovery rate
  • Tranq no longer overdoses dinosaurs
  • Fixed being able to fire while being eaten by a Tyrant
  • Fixed sensor mines marking dead players
  • Fixed being able to use resupply stations through walls
  • Fixed not being able to unscope after being picked up/pounced
  • Fixed reloading while scoped not putting you back into scope mode
  • Fixed the players view being tilted after being dropped by a Ptera
  • Fixed delay on sniper rifle fire sound
  • Fixed a bug where tracer effects would only emit from the left Colt
  • Fixed Flamethrower effects not going through walls


  • Added new secondary attack to Carno- Carno can now lunge left and right without needing to stop with little to no delay
  • Decreased Carno secondary attack damage to 50
  • Carno can now head-swing while netted
  • Added more variety to dinosaur attack/death/footstep sounds
  • Increased the volume and fadeoff distance of Tyrant footsteps
  • Toned down the intensity of the “on fire” effect
  • Fixed netted dinosaurs still playing pain sounds after death
  • Fixed dinosaur animation speeds while under the tranq effect
  • Fixed dinosaurs being able to grab/pounce while on fire
  • Fixed Raptor jump animation being shown as the pounce animation under certain conditions
  • Fixed dinosaur players not always catching on fire
  • Fixed Oviraptor being able to mark dead players
  • Fixed Tyrants being able to eat from corpses while netted


  • Added AI Carno enemy
  • Added AI Oviraptor enemy
  • Added Turrets (Turrets are powered by generators and can be upgraded)
  • Added purchase-able health/ammo stations
  • Throwables now sit inside an easy-to-spot crate
  • Improved general AI pathing
  • Improved general AI behavior
  • Improved vending machine use sounds
  • Fixed the boss Alpha Raptor from freezing in place under certain conditions
  • Fixed Compy enemies occasionally getting lost
  • Increased delay between AI spawns to prevent lag issues on certain hardware


  • Added 3D loadout menu
  • Added “Solo” option to the main menu
  • Added Master Volume option
  • Updated all the fonts in the game
  • Updated map images to match what the game now looks like
  • Fixed togglehud not hiding the chat module
  • Fixed economy key redemption not working properly
  • Fixed certain killicons not displaying properly
  • Fixed certain descriptions not displaying properly in human class select


  • Servers now logs kills
  • Added timestamps to chat logs
  • Improved map rotation
  • Fixed certain server settings being lost on map change
  • Fixed not being able to join Survival servers under certain circumstances
  • Fixed dedicated server memory leak

(Thanks to WarBear for the banner image!)

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