Primal Carnage | Status on Content Update 1
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Status on Content Update 1

Status on content update 1

Hey everyone. We’ve been hard at work for the past month on the update. We’ll be sending the first initial build to the testing group tomorrow that includes a significant amount of fixes, gameplay changes, and the first pass on the Acrocanthosaurus. We’re running behind our estimated release time for CU1, but there’s a lot of other stuff we’ve been working on to improve the general game and we want this update to be as polished as possible.

Acrocanthosaurus: What does it do?

The Acro is the smallest Tyrant to date, coming in at a few feet below the T-Rex. We’re still working out what the Roar ability will be (We’re bouncing around between a team stamina buff or team health regeneration buff), but we’ve already implemented its secondary attack: The stomp. The Acro can perform a powerful stomp attack that creates a shockwave in 360 degrees, causing players to go flying and making nearby foliage shake. The Acro will be the fastest Tyrant, that being offset by having lower health. (It actually has the same health as the current T-Rex, but we’re raising the health on the T-Rex and Spino but slightly lowering their speeds).


AI progress: What’s coming?

The AI has been making fantastic progress. The foundation is solid and we’re currently working on fleshing out behaviors. The first gamemode featuring AI will have every ground dinosaur-including the Compy. Every dinosaur will have its own set of behaviors, for example:

  • Compsognathus: Small, low health and hard to hit- these guys could be one of the more terrifying things on the field. They attack in numbers, grouping together and flocking towards players.
  • Novaraptor/Oviraptor: This dinosaur will avoid attacking you head on. If you see one, take it out quickly. You might not see it next time it comes for you. The Novaraptor won’t pounce, the Ovi will pounce aggressively and will come in fewer numbers.
  • Dilophosaurus/Cryolophosaurus: These small guys will try to attack from a distance, providing support to the other dinosaurs. They’ll close the gap and try to poison you if you get too close.
  • Carnotaurus: The Carno, along with the Cryo, will have the main function of breaking up groups. Harder to kill and using a devastating charge attack, humans will want to always keep on the move.
  • Tyrants: These guys will show up rarely and will be extremely tough to kill, having significantly more health than their TDM counterparts. They’ll take advantage of their roar ability to buff other dinosaurs and will utilize their secondary attacks if you get too close. Their bites will probably not instantly kill you- only eating you on the final blow.


The first AI-related gamemode we’ll be offering is a wave-based Survival mode. It will feature a brand new map set inside an abandoned military compound. 1-5 players must hold off against varying waves of dinosaurs. Kills will earn you cash, and that cash can be used on a variety of upgrades. Vending machines placed around the map will allow you to do simple upgrades of weapons, health, and speed. After Content Update 1, we want to expand on upgrades and offer the ability to use cash to open/close pathways, construct fences, and even build automated turrets.


Tranq Rifle, Sensor Mine, and the Hatchet

  • Tranq Rifle: Alternative primary weapon for the Scientist. Fast firing, this rifle does more instant damage than the Tranq Pistol and allows you to finally poach your dream dinosaur.
  • Sensor Mine: Alternative throwable for the Scientist. Dinosaurs that come near it will be marked for the rest of the team for a short period.
  • Hatchet: Alternative throwable for Pathfinder. Flares not doing it for you? Stick a Raptor in the face with this shiny new hatchet. (Raptor not included)


 Downpour for Team Deathmatch

This map is coming along very well and almost ready for testing. The map uses the first half of GTTC-Downpour with a few additions- including a new cave system and a new interior building with a button that activates a malfunctioning generator that shocks the flooded room.

Media1_DownpourA1 Media1_DownpourA2

Economy Shenanigans 

We’re aiming to get at least two crates out and possibly crafting for the update. Crafting will be a trade-up system similar to CS:GO. For example, you can take an undetermined amount of commons and trade them up for an uncommon. You can craft all the way to legendary.

We’ll be including quite a few new items in CU1. The dinosaur skins can be seen on our Trello board. We’ll be releasing more information on the human content soon.


Everything Else

Along with the new content, we’ve also been making lots of improvements to the game in general. Here’s a few of the things we’ve done so far:

  • Significantly optimized network bandwith
  • Dozens of gameplay/balance changes
  • Improved environment lighting and post processing in all maps
  • Added more ambient sounds to most maps
  • Improved the way animations blend
  • Implemented several new animations for Tranq and Netting
  • Added a new 3D loadout menu
  • Improved LAN support
  • Made the crosshairs for the larger weapons smaller for better aiming
  • Added back the Scientist hair in the form of cloth physics
  • Added crouching back to the Ptera/Tupa
  • Added In Character/Out of Character chat to Freeroam as well as /y for yell, /w for whisper, and /me
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