Primal Carnage | Update 1.11 Now Available!
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Update 1.11 Now Available!


Thought we were extinct?

It’s been a long time coming, but a new update for Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released!
Let’s dig in, shall we?



This update introduces three brand new community-created maps, polished up for everyone to enjoy. From eerie abandoned facilities to far flung deserts, feast your eyes on the new locations being added:


Sandstorm Valley by ArchShiranui & Sovicka is a giant canyon of rolling dunes with strong winds. We also have two maps by Chozobird; Desertion Point is a facility hidden deep inside an autumnal forest, and then there’s Forgotten World– a mysterious Freeroam map featuring death elevators and custom music.

We’re incredibly proud of the talent, time and effort put into these, and are happy to finally allow everyone to enjoy them as official maps.

NOTE: If you have subscribed to the Workshop versions of these maps previously, you will need to unsubscribe from them or you will not be able to join servers running the official versions. Click here for details.


If you forgot about this mode, we forgive you. For the longest time, Capture The Egg has gone unloved with only a single map to play it on. As of this update, we’ve expanded the mode to several more levels including Utility Base, Docks, Forest Chasm and Forgotten Outpost. Egg distribution varies between maps, some being quick jaunts back and forth, others having longer treks to retrieve your yolky prize.




As a refresher, CTE works like this:

Red & blue team take turns capturing as mercs, while dinos resist them. Different nest types hold eggs of varying value, with the rarest red eggs furthest away. The team with the most egg capture points after two rounds wins. We’ve made it much easier to tell nest types apart now, and there’s greater EXP rewards for killing egg robbers or capturing eggs.


The in-game store has also been updated, and will now rotate through different items every week!
This week is Tyrant Week, so right now there’s a collection of new Acro, Rex and Spino skins featured.


Class-themed bundles have been added as well (each holding 4 new skins). We’ll be rotating through all of the classes over time, so don’t worry if you miss this round.. your favourite class will be spotlighted again later. Check back regularly to see new items!

You can also find new dino taunts in-store, including a couple by our talented player Waddigator. In total there’s over 80 new items available right now, including over 20 free drop skins outside of the store.


After two months of playesting and refining PCE’s game balance, we hope the changes we’ve made based on Open Testing feedback will make gameplay fairer and more enjoyable.




Chief among these is a fearsome boost to Tyrant health & stamina, giving low-skill players a better chance at using them. This means in the right hands Tyrants will be a serious threat, not just annoying. But like all dinosaurs, they’re weak to headshot damage. Skilled mercs can still solo Tyrants if they have good aim, just watch your ammo.

And don’t try netting them in the butt.

As for humans, we’ve fixed issues with their weapon damage and stamina, but the biggest change is the removal of resupply crates from Team Deathmatch. To get players moving around more, health & ammo crates have now been replaced by respawning pickup items.

Ammo pickups award two reloads of primary & secondary ammo, plus a single throwable. Health pickups will restore about half your health. On average these items respawn once a minute. They are also more numerous and spread out to more diverse locations than the old crates were. From what we’ve observed, this change makes Team Deathmatch more engaging and reduces the likelihood of humans camping.


Would you like to know more?
We have dozens of other balance adjustments in this update, from adding headshot bonuses for firearms to increasing Dilophosaurus bite potency. Check the full patch notes for more details on these and all the other fixes and tweaks we’ve made!



With all of that out of the way, we hope you have fun with our latest fashionably late update.
And whether you’re here to kill or chill, thank you all for playing.

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