Primal Carnage | Update 1.6 Now Available
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Update 1.6 Now Available


Las Vegas, NV – July 28th, 2016 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:



The situation on the island is a mess, but Phoenix Corporation still wants to preserve its research! The human team needs to collect as many egg specimens as possible, while the dinosaur team protects their unhatched young from those pesky poachers. There are three types of nests with 2, 5 and 10 point eggs.



Level Progression, New Scoring System

This update also features a level progression and new scoring system. The former is bare-bones at the moment, but more will be added in the future. Each level will give you a random item. You gain XP from in-game actions such as kills, assists, captures, etc.

The server browser will show you which servers are progression system enabled. What defines whether your server is eligible for progression is the gamemode currently running. The only gamemode where progression isn’t enabled is Freeroam. XP is not awarded to admins using godmode or the change size command.

To match this new system, scoring has changed. Kills are now worth 100 points. GTTC objects now give points as well. You will now gain 250 points for primary objectives and 125 for secondary objectives.



The assist system has been overhauled. Assists now score based on the percentage of damage you did to the enemy rather than a set score. These points are added to your total score, and therefore assists have been removed from the scoreboard.

  • Assists now show the type in the score popup
  • Added “Stun” assist type
  • Added “Tranq” assist type
  • Added “Capture Kill” assist type for dinosaurs that kill a human while capturing
  • Fixed assists not being awarded to dead players


Team Auto-Assign

On community request, players are now automatically assigned to a team by default in TDM, GTTC, and CTE. Once assigned to that team, there is no option to switch teams. This should go a long way to prevent the famous “Dino-Hogging” issue. This also removes spectator on servers using Team Auto-Assign, which prevents even more exploits.

If you are a server owner and you wish to disable this, add this to the startup commandline:



Economy and Store

With this update, we’ve added over 60 new community items from the Workshop!

To support this huge addition of items, we’re bringing back the popular Christmas Gift in the form of the Summer Gift 2016 for a limited time!

In addition to this, we’ve added a new Workshop Celebration Crate. This crate has it’s own key, which is now in the store. The store also has a limited time item and two new bundles:





  • Decreased DB Shotgun per-shell damage from 50 to 35
  • Increased the speed of the Flaregun projectile
  • Fixed Assault Rifle grenade having a timed explosion



  • Improved particle effect performance on medium and low settings
  • Improved several particle effects such as explosions and fire
  • Improved on-screen Dilo/Cryo spit effect
  • Fixed certain upgraded Survival weapons not using blue muzzle-flashes



  • Added additional Acro roar sounds
  • Improved several impact sounds
  • Improved several weapon sounds
  • Improved several environmental sounds
  • Fixed certain Survival weapons having out-of-sync reload sounds



  • Fixed the Acro not showing up in the main menu scene
  • Fixed collision issues and exploits in all maps
  • Fixed acid pit in PC-Transfer killing people outside the pit
  • Fixed broken resupply stations in several maps
  • Fixed customization menu actor not working in FR-Valley



  • Added Kill-Icon for Acro bite
  • Added Kill-Icon for Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • Added Kill-Icon for SPAS12
  • Added icons to the server browser to show XP-enabled servers
  • Fixed a crash being caused by non-square Steam avatars
  • Fixed spectator UI not showing the correct player health
  • Fixed the hint text for the Trapper knife showing the wrong key



  • Added 61 new economy items from the Community Workshop
  • Added Workshop Celebration Crate #2
  • Added J4L’s improved Fowl, Paradise, and Golden Ovi skins
  • Fixed the Holly Dilo using the Corrupt Dilo overlay
  • Fixed Oxpecker Tupa using the wrong ItemID



  • Added Workshop Celebration Key #2
  • Added Summer Gift
  • Added Novaraptor Head Camera
  • Added Amazon Stories Pack
  • Added Horror pack
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