Primal Carnage | Update 1.9 and 1.9.1 Now Available
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Update 1.9 and 1.9.1 Now Available


Las Vegas, NV – August 17th, 2017 – An update to Primal Carnage: Extinction has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Primal Carnage: Extinction. The major changes include:


Challenge System


This update features the new Challenge System, which will assign you 3 random challenges per week. Completing challenges will reward you with a random cosmetic item.

Challenge Progress and rewards will now be displayed at the end of every round on a new information screen. Holding the Tab key will switch between this and the scoreboard.

Over the next few updates we’re going to look at expanding this system with exciting new challenges and rewards.

NOTE: Challenge progress is only updated and saved at the end of every round. Leave early, and you will lose any unsaved progress. Challenges are only valid in TDM & GTTC modes.



Human Voice Commands


Humans now have two voice commands at their disposal: Call For Help (Z) and Call To Follow (C). Both commands have a 5 second cooldown to prevent abuse and also displays the command as an event in the player chat.



Server Support for Custom Maps


Servers can now host player-created custom maps. Users must subscribe to the map a server is running before being able to join. Future updates will include enhancements to workshop map functionality.

Dedicated servers can subscribe to workshop items by adding something like the following in DefaultGame.ini




Each subscribed item id is taken from the workshop maps URL


New Workshop Crate & Royal Dilo Pack


A selection of new community-created skins have been added in a new Workshop Crate, which has already started dropping! Also, be sure to check out the DinoStore for the new community-created Royal Dilo Pack. 




Changelog 1.9.1




  • Improved global post process settings
  • Lowered max pounce height range
  • Fixed class limit/spawning issues
  • Fixed missing archetypes for DNA strands
  • Fixed Royal Dilo skins not using the correct model
  • Fixed the Royal and Pheonix Dilo skins being switched
  • Fixed the Seagull Raptor not using the correct feathers
  • Fixed the Riptide Spino with improved textures on authors request




Changelog 1.9.0




  • Class limits are now enabled by default
  • Improved spawn distance weighting
  • Fixed class availability and limits not updating correctly
  • Fixed being unable to spawn in Survival mode
  • Fixed Tyrants being available too early in Get To The Chopper





  • Added auto-reloading for the Netgun and AR Grenade firemod
  • Killing yourself with the grenade launcher now counts towards being suicide-kicked
  • Stungun screen effect now lasts longer and is more intense
  • Tranq Pistol will now keep firing while holding down Mouse1
  • Decreased Trans Pistol fire rate slightly
  • Decreased Tranq Rifle spread slightly
  • Decreased Hand Grenade blast radius from 350 to 220
  • Increased Hatchet travel arc and speed
  • Increased Landmine lifetime from 45 to 90 seconds
  • Increased Sensor Mine lifetime from 45 to 60 seconds
  • Increased Assault Rifle Grenade blast radius from 160 to 250
  • Fixed Throwable Ammo Kit not restocking secondary ammo
  • Fixed Throwable Ammo/Health Kit awarding points to dead players
  • Fixed Throwable items colliding with bullets
  • Fixed Netgun Nets being destroyed when they hit humans





  • Raptor/Oviraptor tail movement is now more fluid
  • Dilo/Cryo hitboxes are now more accurate
  • Increased Raptor/Oviraptor maximum pounce distance
  • Increased Raptor/Oviraptor jump height slightly
  • Decreased Raptor/Oviraptor and Dilo/Cryo air control speed


  • Increased Cryo acid pool damage from 24 to 33
  • Increased Cryo acid instant hit damage to 50
  • Decreased Cryo bite damage from 45 to 35
  • Decreased Cryo acid pool damage delay
  • Decreased Dilo/Cryo SprintStaminaConsumption
  • Decreased Dilo/Cryo StaminaJumpCost
  • Decreased Dilo bite damage from 35 to 30


  • Fixed acid pools spawning in-air if when hitting an in-air human
  • Fixed Dilo spit hit threshold making it hard to blind humans


  • Increased Tupa health from 256 to 300
  • Increased Tupa impact momentum while charging
  • Increased Tupa StaminaRegenRate
  • Increased Tupa/Ptera StaminaAmount 


  • Carno now uses a new “double-lunge” animation for it’s secondary attack
  • Carno now has a brief movement delay after using it’s secondary attack
  • Increased Carno acceleration slightly
  • Increased Carno ground turnrate slightly
  • Increased Carno secondary attack knockback momentum
  • Decreased Carno Tranq tolerance
  • Fixed Carno attack hitbox accuracy and time threshold


  • Increased Spino speed slightly to match the same speed as the T-Rex
  • Fixed T-Rex tail swipe attack hit accuracy


Menus / UI


  • Low health desaturation effect now activates earlier
  • Class selection UI now specifies why a class is unavailable
  • Added Admin and VIP scoreboard icons
  • Added grey backing to load-out text in the customization menu
  • Added hint labels A/D for rotating left/right in the load-out screen
  • Removed “class item” from human loadout UI
  • Removed mouse acceleration as a default option
  • Removed certain unused graphic settings
  • Removed notification bar from the in-game HUD




  • Humans should now scream when dropped by Pteras
  • Added a subtle heartbeat sound when low on health
  • Added whooshing sound effect to airborne hatchet
  • Added a subtle ticking sound to live grenades
  • Added scope in/out sounds for all weapons
  • Added bullet impact sound for glass
  • Fixed molotov fire pool having no ambient sound
  • Fixed the volume level on several different effects
  • Fixed Ptera/Tupa using human footstep sounds
  • Fixed pain sounds playing from the T-Rex animations


Maps and Effects


  • Improved global post process settings
  • Improved collision, layout, and optimization in all maps
  • Improved and re-hauled Contingency sequence
  • Improved layout/lighting on PC-Airbase
  • Improved layout on GTTC-Docks
  • Improved spawn  locations on GTTC-Ruthless map
  • Added tall trees and extra rock ramp entrance on UtilityBase
  • Removed corpse next to archway on UtilityBase maps
  • Fixed scripted sequences and spawn issues in GTTC
  • Fixed team blockers not blocking gunfire and other projectiles in GTTC
  • Fixed exploitable human camping spots on Docks and UtilityBase


  • Smaller dinosaur models now fade away when the camera is zoomed in
  • Improved health corpses with a subtle highlight for visibility in dark areas
  • Improved and optimized weapon particle effects
  • Improved draw distance on blood particle effects
  • Added saliva and breath  effects to dinosaur roars
  • Added snot particle effects to Dilo/Cryo/Acro sneeze taunts
  • Fixed Dilo/Cryo spit being too subtle on human characters
  • Fixed Pyro Flamesaw chainsaw blade casting shadows


Economy, Workshop & Custom Content


  • Workshop maps are now available on Dedicated Servers
  • Re-enabled Workshop content manager
  • Added secondary cosmetic option for Dinosaurs
  • Added support for defining supported gametypes in Workshop maps
  • Added support for workshop maps showing up in the Map Select UI
  • Added support in the weapon shader for skin overlays
  • Added support for first person arm skin overlays
  • Added Raptorman first person arms
  • Fixed Pyro first person arms using the Dinobuster arms
  • Fixed local gift not opening in a menu
  • Fixed some possible issues with weapon attachment skins not working


Thanks to Skorus and Cara for their community images!

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